The history of tourism information providers in Latvia is only slightly more than 10 years old. In year 1994, the doors were opened at the first TICs (tourist information centres) in Salacgriva, Tukums, Jurmala, and Limbazi. The Riga Tourism School had its first graduates – first professionally trained employees for tourism information centers. In year 1996, the Latvian Association for Tourism Information Organizations "LATTŪRINFO" was established. In year 1998, the Law on Tourism was passed, which judicially establish the legal status of tourism information centres in Latvia. In year 2001, the Latvian National Standard for Tourism Information Providers was elaborated and adopted. In year 2002, LATTŪRINFO became a member of the European Union of Tourist Officers (EUTO) and representatives from the association participated at the annual EUTO conference in Scotland for the first time. In year 2006, tourism information centre certification process was initiated.

Tourist officers in Latvia

In year 2006 there were already more than 80 tourism information providers in Latvia.

Work in Figures

In year 2007, there were already 92 tourism information providers in Latvia, where 172 employees are working on a regular basis, however in summer season - 209 employees. The number of the serviced customers during the time frame from year 2000 until year 2007 has increased by more than 4.7 times and in year 2007 this number reached already 655 thousands. In year 2008, the municipalities of Latvia have planned 1.78 million Ls for sustaining the TIP (tourist information providers), prescribing on average approximately 43 thousand lats for supporting one TIS.
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