The Association takes active participation in formation of a uniform tourism information system in Latvia, represents the interests of the tourism industry and tourism information organizations in state and municipal institutions, promotes information exchange in the tourism industry sphere, and reciprocal cooperation between tourism information centres and bureaus in Latvia.
Bibija Millersone from the TIC of Talsi district participated in the English language training project Within framework of various projects, LATTŪRINFO is taking participation in elaboration of normative acts for tourism in Latvia, promotes development extensive and qualitative tourism information network in Latvia, maintains communication of information centres of the Baltic States in the world, establishes and maintains communication with foreign tourism information centres and associations. One of the most active and practical tasks – improvement of professional qualifications of employees of tourism information centres and offices and promotion of professional training.
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Mājas lapa izveidota projekta „Sociālā tūrisma attīstība un idejas ieviešana Latvijā. Latvijas tūrisma informācijas organizāciju asociācija LATTŪRINFO un Vidzemes tūrisma asociācijas kapacitātes stiprināšana" ietvaros